Topaz Sitesi is one of the few and unique sites on the coastline in Göcek. Garden floor and roof duplex options will provide you with the peace you are looking for, where you can enjoy the view of the sea and Göcek marina.

Topaz Sitesi is just 2 minutes’ walk from Göcek center, next to Marintürk and Rixos Hotel. It is in the perfect location for you to easily reach Rixos or your boat in Marintürk in a few minutes. With a short walk from the beach for 2 minutes, you can reach many locations, restaurants, cafes and bistros in the center of Gocek.

Topaz site hosts a very special community with reputable landlords and carefully selected tenants. Those who stay in short-term and long-term rentals, which are very few in the site, also consist of respected guests (with references).

With the service provided by Villa Safiya, you can experience an unforgettable holiday opportunity for all those who think of short-term rental and their families who can act in accordance with the community life by taking care of family life. Please contact us for suitable apartment options!

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